NEW GROUP - Freestyle Drum Circle

Release Stress

Be Creative


Drums ready for a drum circleAre you ready to experience the therapeutic effects of drumming? Learn how to use rhythm to help improve health and wellbeing and for altering consciousness. Our monthly drum circle is great for reducing stress, relaxing and being creative.

Frame drums (think Native American drums) are really easy to play with your hands or using a beater. Together we will play simple rhythms that are easy to pick up. Play your own rhythm or join in with the dominant beat.

No experience is necessary and instruments are provided.

One of my favourite parts of the evening is the freestyle drumming. In a freestyle drum circle, anyone may begin a beat, even a novice. Everyone else in the group either mirrors that beat or plays a beat that complements it. The evening's drumming may begin with a wild and fast tango... while the next piece may be mellow and meditative. I provide a safe and supportive atmosphere to explore playing a drum and other percussion. The focus is on the group song.

You choose whether to drum softly or add your own wonderful and intuitive embellishments, or if you wish, briefly lead the rhythm.

This group song is really wonderful and engaging, and everyone is part of it... even the drummers who kept a simple beat... even the quiet off-tempo drummers... even the first-timer.

One of the best aspects of my drum circle is its creativity. I provide the drums and other percussion such as bells, shakers and rain sticks.

In our freestyle drum circle drummers are expected to listen to one another. They are expected to play supportively when someone else is playing lead. And, if they played lead on the last song, they are expected to play supportively for the next few. The person who sets up the initial beat also sets the tone and tempo. People are responsible for their own volume level in the mix.

Pieces end naturally; building to a crescendo, ending on one note, fading into silence or everyone collapsing into laughter. There is no need to try. Instead just be. Relax and enjoy the group song. There is no right or wrong, just the joy and knowing that each of us had played a part in its creation.

In freestyle drum circles we learn to trust ourselves and one another... to let go with joy... to take risks... to make time for ourselves... to allow others to be heard... to allow others to grow... and to laugh at our mistakes: We are all teachers, all students, all helpers and all contributors.

Ours is a community drum circle. We are a diverse group of people sharing a common experience. Our emphasis is on intuitive, improvised, and emotive rhythms and not rehearsed, formal or traditional ones. We welcome your voice in our 'group song'.

Drumming is fun. Drumming can change your mood and connect you powerfully with others. Drumming can entrance and heal. Drumming can provide a vehicle for expressing joy, frustration and peace. Drumming can raise energies and provide relaxation.

Whether we participate for the spiritual experience, the musical experience or the community experience, drumming can bring a dozen hearts and souls to a dozen destinations...yet we journey a community.

Booking for this is essential as spaces are limited to the number I can fit comfortably in the Crystal Cabin!

When: Third Friday of every month

Next Session: to be arranged in the New Year

Where: The Crystal Cabin, The Avenue, Lowestoft

Cost: £6 per person,

To book: Call Katina on 01502 587 341 or email.