Do you have trouble relaxing?

Need to let go of stress and tension?

A Soundbath may be just what you need!

Imagine lying in the centre of a relaxing, high energy field, whilst bathing your body in sound.

Introduce your senses to new vibrations. Allow the vibrations to melt away negativity and tension and replace these with positivity, peace and harmony.

Experience waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of your mind and body. Leave feeling calm and energised.

Angelic Crystal Singing BowlsPrepare to be bathed in relaxing sound.

I use the gentle flowing sounds of Himalyan Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls, the powerful resonance of the Gong and subtle sounds of bells, rainsticks and shakers to immerse you in high energy sound. Let the vibrations melt away negativity and tension and replace these with positivity, peace and harmony.

The sound fills your whole mind, silencing mental chatter. This creates space that allows your higher self/sub conscious to come through to your conscious mind. From this space you can then see what you need to do, giving you the option of then taking action or not.

**You may sit in a chair or lie down. If lying down, please bring something to lie on like a yoga mat or a throw and a cushion.**

Please endeavour to arrive on time as we start promptly and cannot break the group energy once we have started. Thank you.

    Dates for 2018
  • Sunday 14th January
  • Sunday 11th February
  • Sunday 11th March
  • Sunday 8th April
  • Sunday 13th May
  • Sunday 10th June
  • Sunday 8th July
  • Sunday 12th August
  • Sunday 9th September
  • Sunday 14th October
  • Sunday 11th November
  • Sunday 9th December

When: 4pm on the second Sunday of every month.

Next Session: Sunday 12th November at 4pm

Where: Ferini Art Gallery, 27 All Saints Rd, Pakefield, NR33 0JL

Cost: £7 per person

To book: Call Katina on 01502 587 341 or email.